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Charities Commission and Inland Revenue – working together

Since its establishment in 2005, the Charities Commission and Inland Revenue have worked closely together, to enable registered charities to efficiently and easily access tax exemption benefits and information about their tax obligations.

The Charities Act and Income Tax legislation both allow the sharing of information between our two agencies, and have provided a basis for us to work together to assist charities to comply with all their obligations, and access the benefits that charitable status confers.

More recently, the Commission and Inland Revenue have increased our information sharing, and – where our regulatory functions coincide – we are now providing a greater amount of information to one another on a case by case basis.

Working together in this way means that there are greater efficiencies, and possible opportunities to reduce compliance costs for charities.

Where there is evidence that a charity is not complying with the law, and is misusing its charitable or tax-exempt status, both agencies efficiently share information – and, on occasion, staff resources – without duplication. This can help to resolve cases more quickly and effectively, so that charities who are found not complying with the law are either assisted to comply, or brought to account.

As a result, this provides greater assurance to taxpayers, donors, funders and others who support charities, leading to greater trust and confidence in the charitable sector.