Tier 3 Get started videos

This series of four videos is based on workshops that were run early 2015 throughout New Zealand, to help registered charities understand how to apply the reporting requirements. The workshops were supported by the External Reporting Board (XRB).

The workshop focuses on the information that charities need to collect so they can report using reporting standards at the end of their financial year.

There is a resource booklet designed to accompany the workshop. We recommend that you use the booklet while you watch these videos. You can download the video by clicking the following link, or email info@charities.govt.nz to request a copy.

Download the booklet [PDF, 1 MB]


Tier 3: Get started (Part One) 

Tier 3: Get started (Part Two) 

Tier 3: Get started (Part Three)

Tier 3: Get started (Part Four)