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This section has links to information to help with your planning processes and with developing your charity's plans. It will help you to guide the direction of your organisation, and identify the resources and people you need. It will also help you measure and evaluate how well you achieve your objectives.

This can help your charity to:

How do we establish our governance and management structure?

Here are some resources to help you support your charity's leadership team in developing good governance and management from the outset.

Introduction to governance

CommunityNet's resource kit has an   introductory-level resource on governance (PDF) and management that discusses why governance is important and looks at the relationships between governing bodies and chief executives along with aspects of governing Māori organisations.

Establishing a charity

Philanthropy Australia has some general advice for those wanting to start a not-for-profit organisation.

Guiding principles

The Nonprofit Panel, USA, has developed a   32-page booklet (PDF) that sets out the principles for good governance and ethical practice. It was developed specifically for charities and non-profit organisations. .

Getting started

The UK Charity Commission has developed a suite of resources for those considering setting up a new charity — including guidance on the basic principles of good governance, and recruiting trustees.

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Where can we find tips on reducing risk to our organisation?

These resources will help you identify and limit or address risks in the strategic and day-to-day running of your organisation..

Managing risk

This section contains guidance on managing potential risks to a charity and how charities can protect themselves and vulnerable beneficiaries from harm.

Risk scoring

The CommunityNet resource kit has expanisve resource of all aspects of risk management within your community organisation and projects including a risk scoring matrix.

Insurance as a risk management tool

This Keeping it legal risk management fact sheet takes a look at the different types of liability insurance policies that are available and what they cover.

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How would we go about creating and applying a five year development plan?

Here are some resources to help you support your charity's leadership team in developing good governance and management from the outset.

Strategic planning

CommunityNet's resource kit talks about the process of strategic planning, provides planning tools and helps with monitoring and evaluation to help you improve in the future.

Planning checklist

SPARC's planning Check list - Some Things To Consider, gives a plannning introduction, will help with preparation of strategic plans and offers templates that will help you to progress and grow.

Effective qualities

In consultation with members of the charitable sector, the Commission has developed a statement of the qualities of an effective charity that it considers contribute to making a charity efficient and effective, and best able to achieve its purposes.

Strategic analysis

This section of the Third Sector Foresight website examines strategic analysis in detail with advice on how to research the drivers that will shape your future in each step of the process.


A combination of tools, news and resources made available to improve the performance management aspect of your charity organisation to better enable you to achieve your mission and outcomes.

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How can we use performance indicators to evaluate our improvement?

Research indicates that donors and supporters are influenced by charities' transparency about their use of funds, and what they have done to "make a difference" for their cause or the people they are helping. Here are some resources that provide ideas about how to measure the impact and effectiveness of your work, and evaluate your organisational performance.

Performance indicators

KnowHow NonProfit says that performance indicators are the standards against which you assess your organisation's achievements. They tell you if you are heading in the right direction.

Measure Performance

This OurCommunity.com.au performance help sheet gives a straight forward breakdown of what the not-for-profit sector should be looking at in terms of performance indicators that track your organisation's primary performance areas.

Evaluation Activities

The Free Management Library has an extensive collaboration of articles, guides and resources on the subject of evaluation (closely related to performance management).

Monitoring and Evaluation

This guide to monitoring and evaluation of your charity is about systematically collecting information that will help you make changes and improvements and includes key questions, outcomes, and recommended tools.

Measuring Impact

In order to know what impact you are making, you'll need to monitor and evaluate your work. This guide from National Council for Voluntary Organisations (UK) is a guide to measuring and evaluating your work, including recommended areas to concentrate on.

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How can we improve the day to day performance of our organisation?

These resources can help you with the day-to-day management of your charity — and in particular, how to run effective meetings and record the decisions made at them.


This CommunityNet resource kit section covers meetings, focussing on   organising and running formal meetings (PDF) such as Annual General Meetings and Hui Māori.

Workplaces that Work

HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector has created a great webpage on effective meetings with topics like planning, facilitation and evaluation.

Daily operations

KnowHow NonProfit lists a series of steps and diagrams relating to the daily operations of your nonprofit organisation, with a good collection of internal links on the subject.

Formal meetings

The Funding Information service lists a basic guide to running formal meetings.

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What research techniques can we use to gather useful data?

Here are some resources that can help you carry out research to better understand the environment in which your charity is operating, and identify possible opportunities.


NCVO Research supports voluntary and community organisations by developing a strong evidence base on voluntary sector issues.

Marketing and research

KnowHow NonProfit gives many different ways to gather data which will give you a good idea what your target customers (beneficiaries, donors, opinion formers etc) are thinking/wanting/needing.

Issue based research

OurCommunity.com.au has an extensive collection of resource based information about researching your intended not-for-profit subject.

Business Research Methods

The Free Management Library lists various methods and resources on the subject of research, plus expansive articles on the subject of planning and evaluation.

Research Drivers

Basic introudction to research provided by Third Sector Foresight with practical exercises and case examples.

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