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Human resources

This section can help you effectively engage with the volunteers and full-time staff that help you run your organisation.

This can help your charity to:

How can we find and keep the right people for our organisation?

These links suggest questions and ideas to help you bring on new people, train and develop your team, and retain good staff.

Create a plan

CommunityNet's pre-recruitment considerations list suggests things to think about before bringing a new person on board, including a checklist and recommendations for developing an HR policy.

Be aware of your obligations

Keeping it Legal explains the differences between volunteers, employees and contractors, and summarises your   legal requirements (PDF) in relation to ACC and certification for the health and disbaility sector.


the Community Sector Employers' Bureau (Ireland) has advice about recruitment & selection – such as setting criteria, job descriptions, advertising, interviewing, and making an offer.

Getting the right people

the Canadian HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector has some key questions to ask when developing your staffing plan, and an HR policies and processes toolkit.

Recruitment overview

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations' recruitment overview has sample job advertisements, job descriptions and information to help with the recruiting process.

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Where can we find resources to help us through the recruitment and induction processes?

Understanding a person's skills, experience and personality, and how they can best be used to help your charity meets its objectives can help ensure you choose the right person.

Recruitment management tool

VolunteerNet provides a free online volunteer recruitment and management tool giving easy access to volunteering opportunities. Connect online with people in the community who are seeking volunteering opportunities and can help you with your event or fundraiser.


CommunityNet's employment resource covers the recruitment process. It can help you better understand a person's skills, experience and personality, and be able to relate them to your charity's needs.

Interview guidelines

Sparc has compiled some   recruitment and interview guidelines (Word) on topics like advertising and shortlisting applicants — it also has some sample interview questions.


Sparc's   induction checklist (Word) will help you prepare initial information for the arrival of your new employee.

Sample employment agreement

Te Puni Kokiri's   employment agreement guide (Word) lists points to include and give examples to get you started.

Employment contracts

The Department of Labour's Employment Relations unit has an Employment agreement guide and an agreement builder tool that you use by completing a series of questions.

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How can we handle conflict or disputes within our team?

These resources offer suggestions to help you resolve conflicts within your charity, and with others.

Managing disputes

this chapter of the CommunityNet resource kit provides clarity on the process and legal obligations associated with the disputes process focusing on personal grievances.

Performance Management

Western Australian Volunteering Essentials website discusses good staff supervision and performance assessments to help you manage performance of volunteer staff.

De-selecting volunteers

Volunteering England has some suggestions on what do you do if you have to ask a volunteer to leave and provides some emergency exits.

Human rights and discrimination

Keeping it Legal summarises your   obligations under the Human Rights Act (PDF) and the rights of consumers, if you are providing health and disability services to them.

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What is involved in the general management of volunteers and paid staff?

These resources suggest ideas to help you attract, retain and manage your volunteers and paid staff, both of whom may have very different needs and expectations.

Managing volunteers

CommunityNet's resource kit gives detailed definitions and process suggestions for effectively managing volunteers.

Attracting volunteers

Andy Fryer and Martin Cowling from OZVPM and People First can help you attract volunteers with their Volunteer Magnet Workshop.

Paying Volunteers

Inland Revenue is the place to go for tax information about payments to volunteers, including honoraria. This resource is has been produced by the Inland Revenue Department.

Managing volunteers in sport

Sparc's resources look at managing volunteers in a sports club, including a checklist of things to do and a management plan template.

Managing Volunteers

the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants lists key elements to consider when engaging volunteer staff.

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What tools can we use to recognise volunteers and evaluate performance?

These resources suggest ways to help identify and manage good performance, and appropriately reward it.

Evaluate performance

The CommunityNet resource kit deals with performance monitoring and in particular, performance agreements. It has a checklist and a sample performance agreement.

Manage staff

The New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants has some guidelines on good governance on managing paid and volunteer staff for small to medium not-for-profit organisations.

Volunteer recognition

Energize Inc. has articles and books on volunteer recognition that will make your staff feel valued for their work.

Managing volunteers

KnowHow NonProfit (UK) website's managing volunteers page covers recruitment and support to help you get the most from your unpaid staff.

Managing volunteers

The Tools to run your club section of Sparc's Club kit organisation has resources, including a sample job description for a volunteer coordinator, and a checklist to help manage volunteers.

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How should we train our staff to help achieve our organisation's objectives?

Helping your people adapt and learn is an ongoing process that will help your charity achieve its objectives

The training process

the employment section of CommunityNet's resource kit helps you identify training needs, source the type of training required and has guidance on how best to deliver training and development.

Learning, training and development

the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector provides a checklist, templates and forms to help in Implementing an Employee Training & Development Program.

Volunteer training tools

Energize is an international training and publishing company with a selection of books, articles and links to other volunteer training resources.

Training needs analysis

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (UK) has a guide that will take you step by step through the process of conducting a   training needs analysis (PDF).

Training volunteers

KnowHow NonProfit has information on volunteer management including types of training and activities to budget for. induction and training of volunteers.

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