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This section has information to help locate, apply for, attract or generate income for your organisation.

This can assist your charity to:

What is philanthropy and how can we connect with major funders?

Philanthropy resources

The Nonprofit Good Practice website has a library of documents, links to other websites and video presentations on the impact of philanthropy.

Funding and Finance

the National Council for Voluntary Organisations hosts funding and finance news which has a wealth of information, guidance and advice to help you to develop sustainable funding and good financial management.

Major Donors

KnowHow NonProfit talks about the process of finding and building relationships with people who will give large donations. The seven step approach will help improve your funding opportunities.

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Where can we find marketing tips to increase fundraising opportunities?

These resources provide insight into the process of fundraising, including sponsorship, and offer useful ideas to help you create successful income generation.

Raising funds

CommunityNet's resource kit lists five funding options to add to your plan and has several important checklists in its chapter on   raising funds (PDF).

Six steps to successful sponsorship

SPARC's six step   sponsorship guide (PDF) has been written for sports organisations to develop and market sponsorship programmes.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a voluntary scheme that enables people to make donations directly from their pay to a chosen donee organisation. More information can be found on the payroll giving page on this website.

Introductory guides

Finance Hub's funding toolkit has six guides for funding advisers working with new and small to medium-sized voluntary and community organisations, to help ensure financial sustainability.

Fundraising best practice

a series of resources including toolkits, research and advice to assist fundraisers has been collated by the Fundraising Institute of Australia.

Managing news media

The World Federation of Haemophilia Organisations has general advice to help you develop relationships with news media, and promote your message effectively. It includes tips on writing news releases, running media conferences, media kits, and handling interviews so you can be proficient with   managing the news media (PDF).

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What is community enterprise and how can we benefit from it?

Community enterprise is an increasing source of sustainable income for charities in New Zealand. These resources help you connect with developments and develop your own understanding of principles and opportunities.

Social Enterprise

Improving Support website (UK) is a gateway to support providers, a platform to promote the impact your organisation and a provider of news and information for the social enterprise sector.

See also our:

Funding in Kind

The Funding Information Service's Funding in Kind webpage has ideas highlighting the ways groups and organisations obtain free or reduced cost support for education, computing and staff training.

Corporate funders

CorporateCitizens is a subscription based, searchable database of New Zealand businesses provided by the Funding Information Service. Members are committed to building relationships with all community and voluntary organisations.

Funding schemes

FundView is a subscription based, searchable database of New Zealand's funding schemes from government, local authorities, statutory and philanthropic trusts, gaming trusts and some service organisations.

Gaming machine societies

The Department of Internal Affairs gives you a list of societies in your area, advice on how to apply for Funding For Community Groups and covers the risks and opprtunities associated with funding sport through gambling.

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How can we increase funding opportunities by collaborating with others?

Successful collaboration can provide leverage, learning, and increase the likelihood of receiving income from funders. The following resources help equip you with ideas and understanding around this process.

Successful collaboration

The Charity Commission UK has published a   comprehensive guide (PDF) on collaboration, describing joint working by two or more organisations to better fulfill their purpose.

Collaborative working / mergers

The   collaborative working and mergers information sheet (PDF) introduces the types of structures that might be used in a formal arrangement and provides case studies for each. Information provided courtessy of Charity Commission UK.

Should you collaborate?

This   checklist (PDF) aims to help Chief Executives, managers and trustees to decide whether to embark on collaborative working by compiling key issues for exploration.

Collaboration options

KnowHow NonProfit offers collaboration options that can help to identify and scope out suitable partners, and prompt thinking about the types of relationships you might have with them

Collaborative Voices Programme (radio)

The Collaborative Voices programme is an initiative of the New Zealand Council of Social Services and New Zealand Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations. It uses radio as a way of informing the sector about topical issues.

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