Registered Charities

Engagement between business and community organisations

Businesses who took part in a major research project reported that they support charitable organisations because it improves staff morale, customer relationships and their communities.

In turn, charities who enjoy strong relationships with business partners can often benefit from access to advice and support and other advantages that help them to carry out their charitable work.

The Report on Engagement between Business and Community Organisations was commissioned by the Department of Internal Affairs  – Charities, and Creative New Zealand, and provides recommendations and resources helpful for both community and business organisations.

You can download a copy of the report below, and some useful tools to get you started, or to help develop your existing relationships:

  Report on Engagement between Business and Community Organisations (PDF, 1.2 MB)

  Is your community organisation ready? (PDF, 123 KB)

  Businesses working with charities (PDF, 877 KB)

  The right choices for your business (PDF, 145 KB)

  Social issues and your business (PDF, 146 KB)

  Plunket case study (PDF, 57 KB)

  Squiz case study  (PDF, 237 KB)

  Vodafone case study (PDF, 183 KB)