Registered Charities

Benefits for charities

The Charities Register will help build and maintain public confidence in the charitable sector by making more information about charities publicly available.

It will also provide better information about the sector to government, which can inform policy decisions affecting the charitable sector.

Eligibility for tax exemption

As a registered charitable entity, your organisation can expect to be eligible for tax exempt status.

Changes to the Income Tax Act 2004 and Estate and Gift Duties Act 1968 mean that only charities registered with Charities Services will be eligible for tax exempt status.

Tax exempt status means registered charities don't have to pay income tax and resident withholding tax, and donors of gifts to registered charities don't have to pay gift duty.

These changes took effect from 1 July 2008. See our information sheet - How the Charities Act affects your tax status for more details.

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Show that you meet the Charities Act's criteria.

You can display your unique registration number on promotional and identification material and quote it to prospective donors or funders as proof of your registered charitable status.

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Attend annual meeting and forum

Representatives of registered charitable entities can attend our annual meeting and forum, and ask questions and make submissions on matters that may affect the charitable sector in New Zealand.

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Supporters and funders will be able to find detailed information about your organisation on the Charities Register.

Potential funders can look at the Register and access financial and other information.

Potential donors and supporters can look at the Register before they make decisions about the charities they wish to support.

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Improved public confidence

Registered charities should enjoy improved public trust and confidence, as information about their activities and the way they use their resources will be available on the Charities Register.

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Contribute to valuable data that will affect policy making decisions.

By registering, charitable organisations will provide Charities Services and the Government with important information about the charitable sector in New Zealand. The collection of this data will help us understand the charitable sector and make policy decisions affecting the sector and the general public.

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