Registered Charities

Benefits for funders

Funders can search the Register to find specific information about charities. In particular the Register can be used:

In short, the Charities Register will help funders to make better-informed decisions about charities they may wish to support.

Are there any restrictions on who we can fund?

Who you can fund will depend on the purposes set out in your governing documents and any relevant legislation.

Unregistered - If your organisation is not registered with us as a charity it may be able to fund organisations with charitable purposes, non-charitable purposes, or a mixture of both. Many funders operating under the Gambling Act 2003 can fund organisations with a mixture of both charitable and non-charitable purposes.

Registered - If your organisation is registered with us, as a charity it must fund only those charitable purposes set out in its governing documents. You can use the Register to check that the organisations you are funding, or considering funding, are charitable. You can also fund non-registered entities as long as you are sure that the funding will be used only for purposes that are charitable. See our information sheet Charitable purpose.

Anyone can search the Register to find specific information about charities - for example, their activities, charitable purpose, and financial position.

Or, people are welcome to enquire about a particular charity by calling our free information line 0508 242 748 or e-mailing info@charities.govt.nz.

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Are funders obligated to apply for registration?

Registration is voluntary but offers a number of benefits to charities that choose to register. If your governing document restricts you to funding only charitable purposes then you may be eligible for registration with Charities Services. See our information sheet benefits for charities.

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