Registered Charities

Court judgments

In the course of its work, Charities Services makes a range of decisions. These include decisions to register or deregister charities, or to agree to requests to restrict information from the public Register.

When we make decisions, we take a lot of trouble to ensure we get them right and that each decision is a proper exercise of our powers and consistent with our statutory objectives.

We recognise, however, that from time to time, people may not agree with the decisions we have made.

If an organisation is unhappy with a decision we have made about them, and we cannot resolve the situation together, they have the option to lodge an appeal with the Registrar of the High Court (and from there, to the Court of Appeal).

We publish all judgments as soon as possible after we receive them, to help encourage greater understanding of what, in law, is meant by “charitable purpose".

To view a judgment, click on the entity name in the table below.

How does Charities Services use court judgments when making its decisions?

Charities Services applies the law set out by Parliament (in the Charities Act 2005), and by the courts, when making its decisions. Over the years, courts have evolved a body of legal reasoning and precedents that Charities Services applies to every application and to each decision about whether to allow an entity to remain on the Register. As the courts deliver new decisions, they are added to the body of case law applied by Charities Services.

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Does Charities Services make public comment on court judgments?

No. However, we may cite them in our information sheets, or, where appropriate, refer to a judgment when explaining the principles of charities law that we apply when making our decisions.

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Court Judgments from Appeals

Name of entity Decision date
  The Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board (PDF, 108 KB) 8 Aug 2013
  Greenpeace of New Zealand Incorporated - media release (Court of Appeal) (PDF, 269 KB) 16 Nov 2012
  Greenpeace of New Zealand Incorporated (Court of Appeal) (PDF, 266 KB) 16 Nov 2012
  Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (PDF, 307 KB) 24 Jun 2011
  Liberty Trust (PDF, 328 KB) 2 Jun 2011
  Greenpeace of New Zealand Incorporated (PDF, 254 KB) 6 May 2011
  New Zealand Computer Society Inc (PDF, 296 KB) 28 Feb 2011
  Draco Foundation (NZ) Charitable Trust (PDF, 217 KB) 15 Feb 2011
  The Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons in New Zealand (PDF, 138 KB) 23 Sep 2010
  Education New Zealand Trust (PDF, 821 KB) 29 Jun 2010
  Canterbury Development Corporation (PDF, 893 KB) 11 Mar 2010
  Canterbury Development Corporation Trust (PDF, 955 KB) 11 Mar 2010
  Canterbury Economic Development Fund (PDF, 971 KB) 11 Mar 2010
  Travis Trust (PDF, 600 KB) 3 Dec 2008

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