Tier 4 Example Performance Reports

On this page, you'll find Tier 4 example Performance Reports to help you prepare your own.


Example 1: Fictional charity

We have created an example Performance Report for a fictional charity. You can view it here, or download it by clicking here.
This example uses the Excel template that you can find by clicking here. [PDF, 182 KB]

Example 2: Miramar and Maupuia Community Trust

The Miramar and Maupuia Community Trust operate a community facility. The majority of their money comes from providing goods and services. We especially liked how they have expressed their purpose and shown understanding of why they carry out the specific activities that they do.They have reported under Tier 4 and have kept their Statement of Receipts and Payments simple and straightforward by following the minimum categories.
View the Miramar and Maupuia Community Trust Performance Report by clicking here. [PDF, 5.8 MB]

Example 3: Karangahape Marae Trust

The Karangahape Mare Trust is responsible for the maintenance and stewardship (Kaitiakitanga) of the Marae and assist students in environmental studies to help further this role. We thought this was a good example of how to report the activities that many Marae may have, and also demonstrates the links between their activities and objectives well. They have reported under Tier 4.
View the Performance Report for Karangahape Marae Trust by clicking here. [PDF, 338 KB]

Example 4: Oxford Community Families Trust

Oxford Community Families Trust is a charity that provides programmes to mothers and youth teaching crafts and music as well as providing general support. In preparing their statement of receipts and payments they have taken advantage of the rule that for the first year or reporting no comparative figures are required. We also like how they have included extra notes 5 and 7 to provide additional context to the reader.
View the Performance Report for Oxford Community Families Trust by clicking here. [PDF, 1.6 MB]


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