Simple Tier 4 Reporting Template

The External Reporting Board have created an optional simpler template for small tier 4 charities. This is intended for very small charities who do not engage in any complicated transactions, and do not need to disclose any additional information. The template is available in other languages.

Download the English template in Excel [XLSX, 52 KB]

The template in other languages:

Te Reo Māori [PDF, 119 KB]
Cook Islands Māori [PDF, 122 KB]
Samoan [PDF, 117 KB]
Tongan [PDF, 121 KB]
Fijian [PDF, 118 KB]
Hindi [PDF, 150 KB]
Chinese Simplified [PDF, 459 KB]
Chinese Traditional [PDF, 404 KB]
Arabic [PDF, 156 KB]

Charities Services has created this guide which is intended to be read alongside the template, providing definitions and examples for the key items.

Download the English guide in PDF [PDF, 267 KB]

The guide in other languages:

Māori [PDF, 266 KB]
Cook Islands Māori [PDF, 292 KB]
Samoan [PDF, 300 KB]
Tongan [PDF, 319 KB]
Fijian [PDF, 265 KB]
Hindi [PDF, 206 KB]
Chinese Simplified [PDF, 604 KB]
Chinese Traditional [PDF, 525 KB]
Arabic [PDF, 265 KB]