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The Commission has a statutory role to assist and educate charities in good governance and management. Although we have chosen not to “reinvent the wheel” and develop a suite of new materials ourselves, we have published a selection of links to relevant governance and management information designed for charities, linked from the Strengthening your charity page on our website.

We would like your views on these links’ usefulness and value - please take a few minutes to complete our survey.

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The Charities Act 2005 requires the Commission to educate and assist charities in the area of best practice in governance and management.

The Charities Register shows that charities come in all shapes and sizes, and support a wide range of people and causes.

That's why there are no "one size fits all" guidelines or resources to help charities do all the things they need to do to be effective.

The Charities Commission has compiled a selection of resources, guided by feedback from charities, that we hope you will find both helpful and practical. Select an area of education from the menu in the right hand column.

Most have been developed specifically for charities and/or non-profit organisations, and most were written for New Zealand charities, but we have also included some international resources that may be helpful.

They complement the information sheets the Commission has developed to help charities decide whether to apply to register, go through the registration process, and maintain their registration.

We will keep adding new resources, and – as always – appreciate your feedback about their value and usefulness. Please note that we are not looking to publish every resource though, just those that are the most helpful and relevant to a wide range of charities.

If you have comments or suggestions, or if you know of another relevant resource we haven't included, please submit a link.