Consultation on form changes

Updated 14 August 2023

Our consultation on proposed changes to our forms is now open. The proposed changes are to the Tier 1-4 Annual Return Forms (including update details form) and Registration Application Form. The consultation will run from 14 August until 24 October 2023.

Why are we changing our forms?

As a result of the Charities Act and the External Reporting Board (XRB) changes, we’re reviewing the forms charities use to register, report, and update their details. We’ve been holding off on making changes for a while to align with the changes to the reporting standards set by XRB.

These changes will improve the quality of information on the Charities Register, make it easier for charities to report and speed up the registration process. 

We’re hoping to have the new forms ready by the middle of next year. Your feedback is essential to making sure these are fit for purpose. 

Providing your feedback

Before you start, we suggest reading the reference documents which explain the proposed changes in each form. You can choose to provide feedback on one or multiple proposed forms.

Reference documents

Proposed Form

Tier 1 Annual Return Form - Reference document(external link) Tier 1 Annual Return Form(external link)
Tier 2 Annual Return Form - Reference document(external link) Tier 2 Annual Return Form(external link)
Tier 3 Annual Return Form - Reference document(external link) Tier 3 Annual Return Form (external link)
Tier 4 Annual Return Form - Reference document(external link) Tier 4 Annual Return Form (external link)
Registration Application Form - Reference document(external link) Registration Application Form(external link)


The easiest way to provide feedback is by completing the online feedback form(external link). Alternatively, you can email your feedback to

If you have questions about the consultation, please feel free to contact us at

Click here to submit feedback online(external link)