How we are working

Reviewed 13 September 2021

Charities Services is open for business while Aotearoa New Zealand is at all alert levels. Charities Services staff will be working from home for the time being but will keep you updated on any changes. As always, we will be available to assist via email ( and phone (0508 242 748). If you need an extension of time for anything, please get in touch.

We will continue to run online one-on-one clinics every Thursday. If you have any questions about being a registered charity, you can sign up for one of our clinics to meet with a Charities Services staff member over Zoom. Sign up for one of our online one-on-one clinics here.(external link)

New charities can apply for registration, charities can complete their annual return (if they are able - extensions of time are available), and we are available to answer questions on

Guidance on working remotely

We know a lot of charities will continue to work remotely. CommunityNet Aotearoa have published some great resources on working from home(external link)