Tier 4 Charities - Tour of the Performance Report

Recording of the webinar held on 30 August 2017

If your charity is Tier 4, you need to complete a performance report every year as part of your annual reporting.

In this webinar we’re going to explain:

  • What a performance report is
  • How it fits in with your charity's annual return
  • What you need to complete one
  • How it can help your registered charity

This webinar is only relevant to Tier 4 charities. Before you watch this recording, make sure you know what tier your charity is. If you’re unsure find out on our 'Which tier will I use?' page

View the handout for the webinar here

Links to useful resources [PDF, 177 KB]

Performance Report Template Example (Awhina Trust)

webinar link(external link)

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